Why Keith for Selectman?

Hear Why North Attleboro Voters Say Their Vote Goes To Keith Lapointe for Selectman

markWhen asked to speak about Keith’s leadership skills, Mark said “Our town’s government is dying of thirst for capable people and strong leadership. But I see an oasis in the desert. We have an outstanding candidate [in Keith Lapointe].”

Mark Fisher
Former North Attleboro Town Administrator and Board of Selectman


mitch“For my part, I am hard-pressed to recall when I have been more enthused and excited about someone’s candidacy.

His work with the Alumni Association is just one example of a consistent pattern with Keith. He sets goals. He diligently determines the path to reach those goals. And then he gets to work – and I mean work. He is a tireless advocate for his community, and I suggest to you he is EXACTLY the person we need today to represent us on the Board of Selectmen.

Keith knows our community. He is a product of our community. He knows our culture, values and traditions because he has lived them. Now, he offers us a golden opportunity to have those goals and values ardently extended to our Board of Selectmen. It is an opportunity we absolutely must seize!”

Mitch MacDonald
Former RTM Member and Park Commission Chairman

stacey“Our town is at a crossroads, and it relieves me to know that I can rely and depend on Keith to lead our town in a positive direction. Keith is open-minded, an excellent listener and communicator. He has taken the biggest step for all of us to commit to our town by running for the Board of Selectmen. He has countless, tireless hours ahead of him, and he’ll flourish in this role. Just as he trained for his first marathon, he’ll put forth the time, energy and commitment to move our town in the right direction.

He’s told us and encouraged us…  Our voices matter, so speak up. Because it matters. He is a leader I proudly support.”

Stacey Nassaney
RTM Member
Amvet Boulevard School, PTO President

lyle“In my opinion, Keith has exactly what North Attleboro needs in a Selectman. He is well educated and articulate, and has great knowledge of the town’s needs. I am particularly attuned to economic development in the town: Keith is the only new candidate for the BOS who has taken the time to understand the activities in development in which North Attleboro is currently engaged. He is also the only candidate who has made creating an economic development professional’s position part of his campaign platform.

I will vote for Keith, both in February and in April.”

Lyle Pirnie
Chairman of the Business and Industrial Commission

lisa-d“I know Keith Lapointe to be a collaborator and innovator. He is just the right fit at just the right time for North Attleboro. He is a hard working family man who loves our town. I’ve already cast my absentee ballot for Keith Lapointe for February 14th and recommend all of you to do the same.”

Lisa Deck
Founder, Sisters At Heart

“Keith Lapointe and his generosity left a mark on me so much that I acknowledged him and his wife, Melanie, in my book, aptly entitled, “Leaving a Mark” (as featured in The NY Times). He is an upstanding father, man of faith and conviction and husband. I am certain he will serve the town of North Attleboro, where my children attend school at SMSH, with diligence and aptitude. He is fueled by passion for positive change and will assuredly work vigilantly to see ideas for the betterment of the town to fruition.”

Nicole Cannella
Author, Actress, Teacher

“I’ve only lived in North Attleboro since 2008. Yet in that short time, I’ve learned one thing: North Attleboro is a very special place. It’s unlike any place I’ve ever lived before. The people are wonderful. Our schools are amazing. The teachers my children have had…all superb. There’s such a strong sense of community here. I know, without a doubt, North is where I want my children to grow up. I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to learn a lot about the history of this town as I’ve helped promote various campaigns and drives over the past few years through volunteer work. I know what this town once was, where it is now, and where it can be as long as we have strong leadership to fight for us. I know Keith is that leader. His heart is in this town and with its people. He has a fresh perspective. Great ideas. A real course of action that can lead us upward and forward. He’s simply the best candidate.”

Erin Sweeney
Founder/President, MOKIES