Professional Experience

I was elected to the Board of Selectmen on April 4, 2017 and  I have served on RTM since April, 2016, and have a professional skill set well equipped for the position and a deep commitment for the betterment of this community.

In addition to a broad professional experience, I also earned an MBA from the University of Massachusetts in 2015.

Financial Management and Cost Control:

From my early days at Accenture, through my time at Gillette/Procter & Gamble, to my current work at Medtronic/Covidien, I have been responsible for managing large budgets and cost reduction programs.  Here are a couple recent examples:

  • Prior to the merger with Medtronic, Covidien spent more than $600MM/year on professional services. These services are not unlike the major cost areas that the Town of North Attleboro incurs, including legal services, consulting services, construction management, recruiting, etc. Working with the Chief Financial Officer directly, as well as all the corporate department heads, we were able to implement policy, improve contracts, and negotiate price reductions resulting in more than $100MM in annual spend reduction.
  • Currently, manage a budget of $40MM for the Global Talent and Leadership development organization. We have restructured the organization, expanded services and delivered several million dollars in annualized cost reductions.

Strategy and Planning:

The most important contributions of my career come from my ability to understand complex problems, help others understand them and develop implementable strategies that create solutions for the organization.

  • While a consultant at Accenture, we were helping a major global pharmaceutical company transform their procurement organization. For a company of their size and scale, they struggled to determine where they should focus their efforts and where they should implement standard controls. My team developed a method to break down their expenditures and categorized it to easily communicate a long-term spending strategy. The work improved alignment and accountability, ultimately helping to better control the company’s spending.
  • When the merger of $11B Covidien and $18B Medtronic was announced, a team was assembled to plan for the integration work. I was selected to lead the team planning for Day 1 of the newly merged company from a personnel perspective. I developed detailed plans that allowed all systems and processes required to manage the human capital in the organization on the first day after the deal closed. I am proud to say that the organization was ready and we successfully executed all the key priorities not only on Day 1 but in the immediate weeks that followed with no disruption to any employee services.

Project Management

At the core of good leadership, is good project management. Leaders must have the ability to develop a plan and get the team aligned on the work that needs to be done. I learned these skills early in my career and demonstrate them daily. These skills have enabled my rapid career growth, but have also already had an impact in North Attleboro. Strong project management helped extend the reach and impact of the NAHS Alumni Association, delivering fundraising campaigns and our annual Alumni Awards banquet.