Raising a Family

Melanie and I have two amazing children. Both kids went to my alma mater, Animal Crackers Nursery School and now attend Roosevelt Avenue Elementary School. Our daughter Reagan is ten years old. She is involved in dancing and theatre and her creativity and energy is contagious. She definitely has an artist’s soul and we love watching her in what is almost a morning to night theatrical performance. Singing is constant in the Lapointe home!


Zach loves sports and has an ability to focus on the task at hand that is amazing for someone his age. I know I am biased, but I am incredibly proud of how coachable he is. I love to watch him, be it baseball, soccer, football or basketball; if a coach is talking, Zach is listening.


We are proud of our children for so many reasons, but above all because they are respectful and kind. The Golden Rule is a major area of focus in our home and it is nice to see the kids usually treat others how they wish to be treated.

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