Lapointe for Selectman Campaign Kick-off Draws Overflow Room

Candidate & Supporters Rally to Bring Fresh Perspectives and Accountable Leadership to Board of Selectmen

The rally cry from Keith Lapointe, candidate for the North Attleboro Board of Selectmen, and a packed room of more than 60 supporters Tuesday night was clear: New solutions are needed to move the town forward.


At his campaign’s first official fundraiser, Lapointe used the kick-off event at Bella Sarno on Kelley Blvd. to share his goals in seeking office and his vision for the future of North Attleboro, stressing his key campaign themes of collaboration, communication, and executable innovation.

Pointing to its history, traditions, culture and existing assets, Lapointe asked supporters to always keep front of mind the positive attributes of the community, while remaining mindful of the challenges it faces.

“North Attleboro is a spectacular town. Always has been and still is today. People who claim the contrary are not paying attention. We have great schools and every year we send kids to the best colleges, including the Ivy’s and we claim many of our own out there impacting the world. We have strong public defenders, in fact we were just rated the safest town in Massachusetts. Our Fire and Police are second to none. But in recent years these achievements are not because of our leadership, but rather in spite of it. We are at a cross roads.”

Keith Lapointe


He pledged that as a member of the Board of Selectmen he would harness the positive spirit of the community, asserting that is the best pathway to change and improvement. “We are positive, we work together, we care about each other, we are fiscally conservative, but love to invest in our community.”

Promising to invoke that spirit once elected, Lapointe also laid out his key priorities as a Selectmen. First, he said, he will focus heavily on expanded economic development. Lapointe advocates establishing a full-time position to support those efforts. “We must staff a full time position in this endeavor. Determining a way to properly fund it is an immediate priority because ultimately it will pay for itself.”

Next, he spoke of the importance of setting clear fiscal priorities in the face of very tight municipal budgets. He pointed to schools and public safety as top priorities, but also urged voters to remember the other services that are also vital in making up the fabric of the community. “Schools, Police, and Fire consume ninety percent of our budget; but they are also the largest drivers of property values. So, everyone in town needs to understand that even if you don’t have kids in the system or don’t plan to need our fire and police heroes; the quality of those services affects your wallet.”

“While I think we can agree on those priorities, all the other services matter too. The library; council on aging; veterans; parks and recreation; the DPW; are all part of the entire experience that makes North Attleboro special. This highlights why we need to speak with fact and details about our finances and make sure (we have a) plan that gets us where we want to go.”

Lapointe is one of six candidates seeking two seats on the Board of Selectmen in the April election. A preliminary election will be held Tuesday, February 14 to reduce the field of candidates from 6 to 4.  The polls will be open from 12:00 pm to 8 pm. The top four finishers will advance to the April ballot.

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